June 2004 Issue No.10  

Main Features

EMSD takes over telecom projects and supporting services from OFTA

To streamline the provision of services within the government, EMSD will, in stages, take over some of the work that has been provided by the Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA).

All along, OFTA has been providing professional advice, project consultancy and technical support regarding telecommunications and radio communications system or services for government bureaus and departments. Meanwhile, EMSD has also been undertaking similar work since it commenced operation on a trading fund basis in 1996.

In recent years, OFTA has been increasingly involved in its regulatory functions, while EMSD has been providing comprehensive engineering services to its customers through its trading fund operation (EMSTF). In line with this trend of development, EMSD and OFTA have jointly reviewed the prevailing arrangement with a view to keeping their work in better focus and to use resources more efficiently.

Streamlined Work Arrangements

The review has resulted in the decision that OFTA will continue with its ongoing projects until the end of 2004. Thereafter, EMSD will continue to provide the same support as and when required. For projects still pending funding approval, and for projects yet to commence, EMSD will be responsible for the preparatory works. The project consultancy fees would remain at the same level previously quoted by OFTA. EMSD and OFTA will approach their respective users individually to explain in further detail.

Funding Arrangements

The current PABX package plan offered by OFTA expired on 31 March 2004. Thereafter, EMSD has taken over the Services at the same fees plus the EMSTF standard deflation factor at the time of transfer.

EMSD will be charging for the services through EMSTF. During the transitional period, Services provided by OFTA will continue to be billed by OFTA. For projects that are to be handed over to EMSD at the end of 2004, EMSTF and OFTA will sort out with individual client about subsequent billing arrangements. However, the number of projects requiring such arrangements is expected to be minimal.

In case the client department has not previously consulted OFTA, the department should, with immediate effect, approach EMSD for advice and support. Alternatively, bureaus and departments may also choose to use the service of other providers in accordance with Financial Circular 9/99.  For further details of the new arrangements, please call our Mr Michael Poon at 2808 3298.

The PABX system at the North Point Government Offices.


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