June 2004 Issue No.10  

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EMSD to Move into New Headquarters in Kowloon Bay

EMSD will move into its new headquarters in Kowloon Bay early next year. The site will be the former HACTL Building in the Kai Tak Airport. The new headquarters building will have seven storeys, with an area of nearly 10,000 sq m per storey. The building will feature modernised and environmentally friendly concepts. The office will adopt an open and spacious design, making full use of natural light.

Works on the new headquarters are progressing well. The redundant structures of the former HACTL Building has been taken down and fitting-out work is already in progress.


Our new headquarters buildings will have an ultra-modern look.

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A healthy handshake between Dr York Chow, Cluster Chief Executive/Hong Kong West of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority (left) and Mr John Chan, EMSD Deputy Director (right) at the signing ceremony.

Keeping Hospitals Healthy

While hospitals aim to restore patients to health, they themselves must be kept healthy. This is the role of our Health Sector Division (HSD), which started to deliver new day-to-day building maintenance and electrical maintenance works to some hospitals administered by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, starting from 1 February 2004.  On the top of existing E&M engineering services, the new building maintenance service paves the way for HSD to provide one-stop-shop facility management to our clients and to further foster our partnership with HA.


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Municipal Sector Division spreads green messages to LCSD and FEHD

On the request of EMSTF's two major customer departments - the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) - our Municipal Sector Division held a total of nine talks on energy conservation in October 2003 and March 2004. The main targets were the green managers, venue managers and unit heads.

As the participants came from different departments with different backgrounds, the talks were tailor made for the individual needs of each group. They covered LCSD's sports venues, museums, libraries, swimming pools and performance venues, as well as FEHD's markets and various offices.


Over 300 visitors attend the nine seminars and take part in the warm discussions.

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Typical Master Key Switch Installation in Classroom

Creating an energy efficient school

EMSTF has turned Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School into an energy efficient school.

The measures introduced by our GESD to reduce energy consumption included:

  • De-lamping the less essential lights
  • Grouping computer servers in a main server room to reduce the need to air-condition different areas
  • Modifying the lift so that its lights and fan are automatically switched off during standby
  • Adjusting air-conditioner settings in classrooms to the optimum level
  • Adding a master key switch control to prevent unauthorised use of air conditioners in classrooms.

The payback period will be around four years. To monitor the actual savings, meters have been installed on some classroom floors. If results prove encouraging, EMSTF will propose extending these measures to other schools.

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Customer Opinion Survey

Our Customer Opinion Survey conducted in February this year aimed to give us a better understanding of your needs and an insight into how we can better serve you. The results have been very encouraging - the customer satisfaction index increased from 5.77 last survey to 5.97 this year out of a total score of 8. We would like to thank all of you who participated in the survey and took the time out to complete the questionnaire. With your continued help and support we will be better able to serve you in the future.


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