January 2006 Issue No.13

Main Feature


Today, E&M engineering service has grown increasingly associated with information technology. As a matter of fact, since its establishment, the EMSTF has been offering IT service to a number of clients, winning wide acclaim for its professional service. To further strengthen clients' confidence in the department's IT capabilities, EMSD decides to take after a common strategy among commercial organisations, viz. to create its own IT brand as a marketing tool.

The "GEMoSoft" logo was conceived against this background: "G" stands for Government; "EM" is the acronym of electrical and mechanical engineering, "Soft" of course stands for software and the "o" in the middle refers to open or open source. In information technology, open source is the synonym for common ware, low cost and scalability, implying the software developed by EMSD can be shared with other government departments and they are low-cost solutions which can be easily modified to cope with new circumstances. The first three letters form the word "GEM" or "precious stone", which suggests excellent and high value-added service.

The "GEMoSoft" logo will be displayed on products developed by the Service Development Unit (SDU), user manuals as well as various promotional items, such that clients will instantly recognise the logo as an identity for EMSD's IT products and services . EMSD may well be among the first of the government departments in adopting such proactive marketing strategy. The ultimate aim is to establish "GEMoSoft" as the preferred brand of IT common ware and e-solutions for government departments.

Indeed, since the inception of the SDU in 2001, it has been devoting strenuous effort to develop, promote and implement innovative IT projects for clients. Currently, it is offering hi-tech and high value-added service to quite a number of government departments and organisations in the public sector. These include electronic Document Management System (eDMS), Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Non-Civil Service (NCS) Payroll System, Geographic Information System (GIS), e-Portal and Office Automation System. Being itself a government department, EMSD knows the operation of public sector organisations back to front. What's more, the department also relies on these solutions for its own daily operations, and understands thoroughly the needs of the users, and hence able to produce solutions which can truly support the clients.

In addition, SDU was the consultant for the IT infrastructure for Hong Kong Science Park Phase 1C development, responsible for design, testing and commissioning service, covering Internet facilities, web applications, utility computing, advanced video conferencing, information kiosks and intruder detection system. The project team was always able to come up with recommendations in the best interests of the client, who highly commended EMSD as the most trustworthy partner in IT applications.

Many clients also recognise SDU's professional expertise, and appreciate the meticulous attention paid to the security of clients' data, and readiness to help clients solve any problem they may face, offering virtually personalised service as evidenced by prompt support in times of need. This is how we won the total confidence of our clients.

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