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In the last two issues of Voicelink, we have been reporting on how the Service Development Unit (SDU) succeeded in developing tailor-made document management systems, proprietary software, as well as office-automation systems for various customers. All these have served to win customer confidence and place the SDU in an excellent position to further expand business. Let us now look at how the unit pursues applications in other arena than the more conventional document and data processing services, driven by their motto of "always satisfying customers' needs".

Successful Launch of Mobile CCTV System

SDU has just launched a new service in May to install and operate a mobile CCTV system for the Transport Department. Last year, the collapse of scaffolding in San Po Kong led to major traffic chaos in Eastern Kowloon. Investigation by the Transport Department found that the existing road monitoring system has several blind spots where camera views are unable to occlude. The department promptly sought advice from EMSD. The mobile CCTV system is the product of the search for solutions by SDU's information technology personnel, who always place the customer's needs before anything else. In the event of any heavy traffic or serious road accident, a vehicle equipped with the system will be dispatched immediately to the site and set up a temporary monitoring station. Real-time data on road conditions gathered at the blind spots will be compressed and then transmitted direct to the Transport Department. Such mobile monitoring technology can also be used for crowd control at major events. During the Taoist Festival of Peace and Renewal and Bun Scrambling Competition held in early May, EMSD personnel were sent to video-record the flow of people at the Cheung Chau Ferry Terminal. The processed images were invariably transferred to the Emergency Transport Coordination Centre of the Transport Department. Based on these data, the centre could decide if there was any need to advise the ferry company to arrange supplementary sailings to meet the additional demand. The EMSD, working in close collaboration with the Transport Department, was pivotal in ensuring local residents and tourists could enjoy the festivity without any hassle.



Speedy Dispatch of Red Light Camera Photos

EMSD is currently conducting another research project for the Transport Department: to dispatch photographs taken by red light cameras instantaneously to the Police Force using data transmission technology, thereby eliminating manual processing of photographs. This inevitably involves the reliability of data as court evidence and other security issues, and so calls for intelligent design work and very stringent testing. The project further demonstrates that EMSD has a pool of information technology talents who are ready to use innovative thinking to explore new and diverse services for customers.



The Versatile GIS System

Geographic Information System (GIS) is another service offered by the SDU. The GIS is principally used in producing electronic maps and marking location of various facilities managed by customers. Current projects include: marking road facilities such as traffic lights, street refuges for the Transport Department; street lamps and electrical wiring for the Highways Department; and cooling towers for the Energy Efficiency Office to facilitate tracing the source of contaminant for Legionnaires' Disease. Such information is made available to necessary companies for reference. Take for example, the power company will be able to identify the exact location of facilities above and below ground before carrying out excavation work.

With the rapid advance of information technology, the Service Development Unit, whilst realising the goal of "fully meeting, or even exceeding customer expectations", is destined to make more breakthroughs and enhance benefits to customers.

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