In Brief

In 2005, EMSD's Health Sector Division submitted a proposal for the renovation works on the 21/F in Block K of Queen Mary Hospital. This was followed by a number of presentations to the hospital management, during which the project team succeeded in demonstrating great professionalism, ultimately winning the customer's confidence and the contract.

The renovation project was carried out in two phases in August and December 2005 respectively. Besides renovation of the lift lobby, 25 wards and other support rooms, the works also covered upgrading of the E&M equipment, building services installations and biomedical equipment inside the wards. These include the bed head trucking, the nurse paging system, fire sprinkler system and power transmission system. The project has turned the entire floor into second class private wards with a scale and sophistication on par with private hospitals.

On 15 May, the Queen Mary Hospital held a formal ceremony to mark the successful conclusion of the project which was completed in April 2006. Guests of honour officiating at the event included Dr Anthony Ho Yiu-wah, Chairman of Governing Committee, Hong Kong West Cluster; Dr Lawrence Lai, Cluster Chief Executive, Hong Kong West Cluster; and Mr UY, Tat-ping, Assistant Director of EMSD. After the ceremony, Dr Lai showed the guests around to see the new wards and facilities, who highly commended the quality of the work.

This is the first large building refurbishment project undertaken by the Health Sector Division, which represented a major step in expanding their scope of service beyond traditional maintenance services, paving the way for future success in total facility management service.

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