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New Website Launched
After months of preparation, our new website was launched in August, bringing in a number of positive comments from users. The new website was completely revamped in terms of design, structure and content, not only making it as easy to use as possible but also to try and ensure that browsers would enjoy the experience. A major change from our previous website is that information has been presented from the user's point of view. The new layout and structure is more systematic, making it easier to find specific information and the entire website has a more modern and up-to-date look. With these developments, we hope that our new website will provide a convenient and accessible channel of communication between EMSD, our customers and the community.

E&M Safety Campaign
Making sure that Hong Kong is "one of the safest and best cities to live in", Hong Kong's largest ever campaign on electrical and mechanical safety has been taking place over the past six months. The Secretary for Economic Services, Ms Sandra Lee officiated at the launch ceremony of the campaign in July. The campaign was organised by EMSD in collaboration with 15 leading local organisations from diverse sectors including electricity, gas and oil, public transport, housing, estate management and trade associations.

The campaign aims to enhance community awareness in E&M safety and good practices in energy efficiency. It consisted of three separate "episodes" promoting Lift and Escalator Safety, Electrical Safety and Energy Efficiency, and Gas Safety in the community. These activities also included roving exhibitions, road shows at secondary schools, safety seminars and quizzes, as well as a number of variety shows on television.


Mr. Roger Lai, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, is seen with the stars on one of our television variety shows on E&M Safety.
Inauguration of MXRVS Systems
Acting as project consultants, we worked closely with the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) in their installation of two low energy Mobile X-ray Vehicle Scanning (MXRVS) Systems, worth over HK$40 million. The two systems are the first of their kind in Asia, facilitating C&ED's efforts to combat trade fraud, drug trafficking and weapon and human smuggling in trucks, containers and other vehicles at Hong Kong's borders and ports. In the first month of operations, C&ED successfully seized cigarettes, clothing and shoes in a large-scale smuggling case, with the help of the system.
Over the years, EMSD has established a close relationship with ECRI, a non-profit international health services research agency in the United States. This relationship, which has greatly enriched the quality of our biomedical engineering services, was cemented even further recently with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The MoU establishes our collaboration to mutually promote the development of expertise in health care devices and technology and the use of our experience and expertise within the industry to improve public health.
Mr. Roger Lai, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Dr. Joel Nobel, Founding President of ECRI at the MoU Ceremony held in Hong Kong in September.
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Mobile Environment Resource Centre
Our Vehicle Engineering Division took delivery of an LPG light vehicle the first in Hong Kong, modifying it to become a mobile environment resource centre for the Environmental Protection Department. The mobile centre has a range of facilities its movable stage is ideal for making presentations and speeches and for conducting seminars. With recycling bins, a library corner, a model exhibition and computer games, the public can learn about reducing waste in a number of interesting and amusing ways. The environmentally friendly design, which uses solar energy to power the ventilation fans and natural lighting, also promotes the protection of the environment in Hong Kong.
Annual Customer Reception
We held our annual customer reception on 30 November to say a personal hello and to thank our customers for their continued help and support both past and present.

The theme of the reception "Better Safety, Better Quality, Better Service, Better Community" reflects our major commitment to providing quality and constantly improving services not only for our customers but also for the people of Hong Kong. Reinforcing our efforts in this direction, Dr. T. L. Ng, Chairman of the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency presented the OHSAS 18001 Corporate Certificate to our Director, Roger S.H. Lai.
Dr. T.L. Ng, HKQAA Chairman, presents the OHSAS 18001 Corporate Certificate to our Director, Roger S.H. Lai.
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