EMSTF's e-Government Solutions and Services
A member of our IT team checks to ensure that EMSD's network server is operating efficiently.

As the e-business environment continues to grow in Hong Kong and as the Government implements its Digital 21 Strategy, moving increasingly towards e-government, there is a strong need for organisations to improve their information technology and implement e-services. Aware of this need and recognising that these services would form a natural extension to many of our existing services to clients, EMSD is offering a range of customised and innovative, yet proven, IT solutions, enabling customers to take their place at the forefront of the e-business revolution.

Receiving the blessing of ITSD earlier this year, we swung into action and introduced these new services to our customers at a number of presentations. Initial services fall into four main areas:

Software Asset Management (SAM)
Software applications are an absolute necessity in the operation of any modern day business. In turn, the need for proper management and protection of intellectual property rights for this software is becoming increasingly important. Software Asset Management (SAM) solves this problem, implementing software inventories, tracking and reporting on systems while also providing the framework for audits, documentation, and licence managing procedures together with the incorporation of individual organisation workflow. Having implemented SAM within EMSD, we are now offering the service as a one-stop service package to our customers.

Helpdesk for PCs, Servers and Network Maintenance
Capitalising on our experience in supporting PC Local Area Network (LAN) servers and desktop applications in a geographically dispersed environment, this service provides on-site installation, maintenance and technical support, together with regular performance checks and a helpdesk for ongoing support. Our experience in this area includes the design and implementation of our own LAN and Wide Area Network (WAN) connecting over 1,000 PCs throughout Hong Kong as well as our wireless LAN.

Systems Development and Consultancy
Our experienced team of IT professionals work in partnership with customers to create a number of turnkey solutions for IT applications. We offer development and consultancy services for IT infrastructure and facilities planning, software evaluation as well as systems and application improvements. This comprehensive package of services has resulted in a number of application solutions for a range of customers.

Our established services and proven track record in this area of operations include the innovative c-CCMS system which recently came into service at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (see "Main Feature" inside); the Public Works Programme Construction Accident Statistics System, a turnkey software solution for real-time accident reports and statistical updates using the Internet for the Works Bureau; the Multimedia Learning Centres at 400 schools; as well as the Advance Flood Warning System using wireless technology for remote fault reporting for the Highways Department.

Data Centre
EMSD's new corporate data centre will open in 2004. Housed in 500 sq m at our new Headquarters in Kowloon Bay, the centre will have the highest levels of security and access control. Boasting the latest facilities — a sophisticated and independent air-conditioning system for temperature and humidity controls, antistatic raised flooring, dual feed power supplies augmented by fully redundant UPS and emergency generator back-up, the centre will be manned round the clock, 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week by our skilled and experienced staff. This Centre will also be offering its facilities to customers together with management and support services such as network monitoring and management, facility management services, remote hand service, data backup etc.

A good question. There are many good reasons to look at our services. First and foremost, we have extensive experience in IT applications — modern day engineering systems have blurred the line between engineering and computing and today, one would not succeed without the other. Additionally we have strong support from our team of IT professionals who include Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP) and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) among them. We are also thoroughly familiar with Government procedures and processes, have an excellent knowledge of our customers' businesses, venues and facilities, and have a proven track record for quality, security and reliability. Combining leading edge technology with service quality, we are able to provide one-stop services that are specially tailored to client's individual requirements.

If you are interested in seeing if these flexible, innovative, user-friendly and competitively priced services can help you, why not talk to our Service Development Manager at 2808 3560 or e-mail sdm@emsd.gov.hk today.

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