NEWS Bites

World's Longest Escalator System Stars on CNN TV
Transport, Security and Central Services Division together with the maintenance contractor and the management company involved in the operation and maintenance of the Mid-level and Central Escalator Link System, presented a special feature on the world's longest escalator link on a CNN television programme in August, 2002. The system, which is about 800 metres long and consists of 20 escalators and 3 travelators, provides a convenient, economic and direct route from Conduit Road in the Mid-levels to Central and vice versa and is used by approximately 36,000 people every day.

The escalator system has not only reduced traveling time between Central and the Mid-levels, it has also reduced traffic helping to generate "cleaner" air in the vicinity. Apart from its lifestyle benefits, the programme also focused on the system's sophisticated safety protection devices, maintenance activities, surveillance and monitoring equipment. EMSTF has maintained the escalators' electrical and mechanical equipment since its introduction in 1993.


Our senior engineer Lau See Luen discusses the escalator's benefits on the CNN programme.
EMSD Director, Mr. Roger Lai, Deputy Director, Mr. John Chan and AAHK senior management at the contract signing ceremony.


EMSTF Wins Airfield Contracts at Hong Kong International Airport
The Airport Authority has awarded us six contracts through open tender for the maintenance of the Airport's airfield systems. It included airfield ground lighting systems, HV/LV and emergency power supply systems, fixed ground power, aircraft loading bridges, and extra low voltage trunked mobile radio system and pre-conditioned air system at the Hong Kong International Airport. We have been responsible for maintaining these airfield systems since the airport opened in July 1998 and for many years before that at the old Kai Tak airport. The Airport's airfield systems are the most advanced in the world - supporting one of Asia's few Category III runways. With the airfield ground lighting and its visual and electronic navigation aids, the Airport allows aircrafts to land in almost any weather.

Lift and Escalator Safety Campaign
EMSD's Lift and Escalator Safety Campaign entered its third year with a Safety Campaign Carnival held at Hollywood Plaza in July. Organised in conjunction with the Airport Authority, Housing Authority, KCRC, Lift and Escalator Contractors' Association, MTRC and Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, the campaign provides an opportunity for key players in the trade to maintain close links and to work together to promote lift and escalator safety within the community. The Carnival included booths and games promoting the safety messages, a two-hour variety show including an award presentation for the "Lift and Escalator Safety Slogan Competition" and live shows performed by famous singers and artistes.


Our booth attracts lots of people at the Carnival.

Pedestrians benefit from the improved safety provided by efficient traffic light systems.


TAS Team Helps Improve Traffic Flow
Our Traffic Aids and Signal (TAS) team under Transport, Security and Central Services Division has had a busy year helping major clients such as Transport Department, Territory Development Department and Highways Department to install and modify over 200 traffic light systems and their associated signaling equipment at Hong Kong's many road junctions. The team works closely with clients to ensure on-time completion and delivery. This commitment to efficiency and quality is paying off. Two major projects were completed recently earning the appreciation of our clients. The first was the successful installation and modification of 11 traffic lights, together with their supporting equipment and systems in Yau Tong and Tseung Kwan O, to cope with the opening of the Tseung Kwan O MTR line in August. The second project was for the Transport Department. Traffic light signal controllers at four road junctions were modified overnight on 17th September to cope with traffic diversions for the extension works at the Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station.