Product Description Residual current circuit breakers with overload protection (RCBO)
Brand -
Model Merlin Gerin C60H-
Square D QOE-
Supplier Name Schneider Electric (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2579 9655 or 7298 9771
Recall / Prohibition Date 23.11.2005 (voluntary inspection)
Cause of hazard Some of the RCBOs may not trip on earth leakage fault because of a component non-conformance, and this may pose a risk of electric shock hazard to persons.
Product Description AC adaptor
Brand Brand: Nil
Model KHS-5S5A supplied with "O'Rite" multi-function DV recorder (model: MV-3115) offered to Hang Seng Bank credit card holders
Supplier Name Wisdom Well Technology Limited
Tel. / Fax. (Tel.: 31240341) Hang Seng Credit Card customer service hotline: 2398 0000
Recall / Prohibition Date 19.10.2005
Cause of hazard The casing may come apart, resulting in exposure of internal live parts.
Product Description electric fan
Brand Mitsubishi
Model "Tatami" R12-ZF, R12-ZG or R12-ZH
Supplier Name Mitsubishi Electric Ryoden Air-Conditioning & Visual Information Systems (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2427 8646
Recall / Prohibition Date 6.10.2005
Cause of hazard The internal cable connected to the oscillatory fan head may be damaged, thus causing an electrical fault.
Product Description Oil-filled heaters
Brand Corona
Model OFR-05-1000
Supplier Name Pricerite Stores Ltd.
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2663 8833
Recall / Prohibition Date 20.9.2005
Cause of hazard Failed to pass in spme of the tested items (including component temperature rise and resistance to fire)
Product Description AC Adaptor
Brand Sony
Model Product code No. HP-AT048H03 supplied with the slim-line Sony PlayStation 2 (SCPH-70006CB) Production Date code: 2204.8, 2004.9, 2004.10, 2004.11 or 2004.12
Supplier Name Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Ltd.
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2389 3202
Recall / Prohibition Date 13.9.2005
Cause of hazard A defective internal component may overheat, thus posing a risk of fire and/or injury hazard to the users.
Product Description 29" TV sets
Brand Skyworth
Model CTV-2922NW and CTV-2922
Supplier Name Skyworth Sales (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2318 0500
Recall / Prohibition Date 11.3.2005
Cause of hazard The pre-mature failure of a resistor in a power supply circuit might pose a fire hazard.
Product Description Video game system
Brand -
Model Microsoft Xbox
Supplier Name Microsoft Corporation
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 800 901 727
Recall / Prohibition Date 17.2.2005 (voluntary replacement for power cord)
Cause of hazard It was found that the Xbox console, when connected to the power cord, may be susceptible to overheat and component failure, and posed a risk of fire hazard or electrical fault.
Product Description Foot Massager
Brand -
Model OTO BIG FOOT BF-1000
Supplier Name OTO Bodycare (H.K.) Ltd.
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2549 4611 ext. 132, 120 & 115
Recall / Prohibition Date 24.1.2005
Cause of hazard The foot massager could be subject to component failure, which poses risk of injury to the foot
Product Description 5-fin oil-filled heater
Brand Welly Elegant
Model WE-603
Supplier Name PARKnSHOP
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2606 8658
Recall / Prohibition Date 4.1.2005
Cause of hazard Hot oil may leak out or eject during operation of the oil-filled heaters.
Product Description 5-fin oil-filled heater
Brand Evertop
Model ET-2067
Supplier Name Watsons Store
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2606 8383
Recall / Prohibition Date 4.1.2005
Cause of hazard Hot oil may leak out or eject during operation of the oil-filled heaters.