Product Description Charger
Brand Belkin
Model WIZ003
Serial number (as shown in the marking of the battery pack of the product)
  • 35B01DO6029400 - 35B01DO6033704
  • 35B01DO5010350 - 35B01DO5014350
  • 35B01DO6016560 - 35B01DO6020560
  • 35B01DO5014500 - 35B01DO5020003
  • 35B01DO6010001 - 35B01DO6010500
  • 35B01DO6010501 - 35B01DO6015500
Supplier Name Belkin Asia Pacific Limited
Tel. / Fax. service hotline 800 962 100 (English, 24-hour service)
Recall / Prohibition Date 25.1.2021 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard According to the supplier of the product, a manufacturing defect was found in the concerned model of power supply unit, which might cause the charger to malfunction and overheat, posing fire and electric shock hazards.



Product Description Plug Adaptors
Brand Apple
Supplier Name Apple Inc.
Tel. / Fax. -
Recall / Prohibition Date 26.4.2019 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard The affected plug adaptors are susceptible to breakage with repeated impact, which exposes internal metal components, causing a potential risk of electric shock.
Product Description Extension Units

5 Models of Extension Units with Overheating Safety Risks
[PDF format (552KB)]
Supplier Name
Tel. / Fax.
Recall / Prohibition Date 10.4.2019 (Suspension of Use)
Cause of hazard The above models of extension units do not comply with the relevant safety requirements, in particular that the flexible cords of all these models were undersized, posing overheating and fire hazard risks to users. In addition, the plugs of extension units 2 to 5 above were not fused according to the safety requirements.
Product Description Extension Unit
Brand RSH
Model RSH-WT002
Supplier Name Deal Direct 2U Limited
Tel. / Fax. 3596 9887
Recall / Prohibition Date 25.3.2019 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard The extension unit does not comply with relevant safety regulations, in particular the undersized flexible cord of the extension unit, thus posing risks of overheating and fire hazard to users.