Product Description Charger
Brand Belkin
Model WIZ003
Serial number (as shown in the marking of the battery pack of the product)
  • 35B01DO6029400 - 35B01DO6033704
  • 35B01DO5010350 - 35B01DO5014350
  • 35B01DO6016560 - 35B01DO6020560
  • 35B01DO5014500 - 35B01DO5020003
  • 35B01DO6010001 - 35B01DO6010500
  • 35B01DO6010501 - 35B01DO6015500
Supplier Name Belkin Asia Pacific Limited
Tel. / Fax. Service hotline 800 962 100 (English, 24-hour service)
Recall / Prohibition Date 25.1.2021 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard According to the supplier of the product, a manufacturing defect was found in the concerned model of power supply unit, which might cause the charger to malfunction and overheat, posing fire and electric shock hazards.