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Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification (PITC) for Fixed Electrical Installations

Pursuant to the Electricity (Wiring) Regulations, owners of electrical installations shall have their installations inspected, tested and certified periodically. Failure to comply with the requirements would present safety hazards resulting in fire or power outage, and the offenders will be prosecuted. For typical residential or commercial premises, electrical installations with an approved loading exceeding 100 amperes shall be inspected, tested and certified at least once every five years. The Periodic Test Certificate (Form WR2) shall be submitted to EMSD for endorsement. It should be noted that electrical work (including inspection, maintenance, repair, etc.) must be carried out by a registered electrical contractor.

With a view to preventing electrical accidents and thus ensuring public safety, EMSD has been taking proactive approaches to promote the importance of PITC to building owners. EMSD makes concerted efforts with property management companies, trade organizations, District Council, Home Affairs Department (District Offices), Buildings Department, etc. to facilitate the PITC works over the territory.

As different buildings may have specific operational needs during PITC works, property management companies and registered electrical contractors can liaise with building owners and tenants to work out a PITC plan before commencement of the works in order to suit their specific needs. For example, they may arrange to suspend and resume the power supply by zones, provide temporary power supply during PITC works, devise a contingency plan to handle emergency situations, etc.

This webpage not only provides useful information for the public and other relevant parties but also gives technical information for the trade. You may contact us if you have any enquiry or require further information in arranging PITC.

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