Why Modernising Existing Lifts/Escalators

The dates of installation of lifts/escalators in Hong Kong span decades,with each lift/escalator equipping technology appropriate at the time of installation.  Nevertheless, rapid technology advancement in recent years means that room for enhancement, with respect to safety, reliability and traveling comfort, exists for aged lifts/escalators.  By virtue of various modernization solutions, the safety, reliability and traveling comfort levels of aged lifts/escalators can be brought to those of the prevailing standard.

Duties of Responsible Persons for Lifts/Escalators

Where major alteration/modernisation works are required to be carried out, RPs shall employ a registered lift/escalator contractor to carry out the works for their lift/escalator.  Upon completion of major alteration/modernisation works, RPs shall arrange a registered lift/escalator engineer to examine the lift/escalator before resuming its normal use and operation.

Tips for Modernising Existing Lifts/Escalators

RPs should consider factors such as spatial restrictions, technical feasibility and cost implications before deciding on whether to replace major components of existing lifts/escalators, or install new safety equipment according to EMSD’s guidelines.  RPs could also consider total replacement of existing lifts/escalators to bring the lifts/escalators up to the prevalent safety standard.

Applicable Solutions for Enhancing Requirements of Existing Lifts

Applicable Solutions for Enhancing Requirements of Existing Lifts 
1. Install a double brake system 
2. Install an unintended car movement protection device on the brake system 
3. Install an ascending car overspeed protection device 
4. Install advanced car door mechanical lock and door safety edge 
5. Add an Intercom & CCTV system 
6. Install an obstruction switch to protect suspension ropes 
7. Add automatlc rescue devices

Applicable Solutions for Enhancing Requirements of Existing Escalators

Applicable Solutions for Enhancing Requirements of Existing Escalators 
Solution 1: Install Skirt Panel Safety Devices 
Solution 2: Install Skirt Panel Deflector Devices (Plastic Brush Bristles) 
Solution 3: Install Obstruction Guards 
Solution 4: Install Emergency Stop Switches 
Solution 5: Install Landing Floor Plate Safety Devices 
Solution 6: Install an Auxiliary Brake 
Solution 7: Install Step Sagging Safety Devices 
Solution 8: Install Missing Step Safety Devices

Relevant Information on Lift Modernisation

Relevant Information on Escalators Modernisation

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