Special Report

2006 marks the tenth year since the founding of the Electrical and Mechanical ServicesTrading Fund (EMSTF). EMSTF's success owes largely to the dedication of its staff and the support of many customers. In celebrating the 10th anniversary of the EMSTF, a series of activities were held throughout 2006, which culminated in a large scale technology exhibition in November.

The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Rafael Hui Si-yan, being our officiating guest.

Tenth Anniversary Technology Exhibition

On 10 November 2006, Mr Rafael Hui Si-yan, Chief Secretary for Administration, officiated at the EMSTF Technology Exhibition cum 10th Anniversary Reception held at EMSD's headquarters in Kowloon Bay. The exhibition was well attended by senior government officials, as well as representatives from EMSTF customers including government bureaux and departments and public agencies. Many were fascinated by the new technology on display.

The exhibits were presented in 12 booths under three main themes : Wireless, Energy and Work and Living Environment, in three distinct zones. All the exhibits were intended to demonstrate how the latest technology could be deployed to help customers add value to their business. Various interactive exhibits were also available to allow visitors to get first-hand experience on how technology could raise productivity and enhance quality of life. In one DIY exhibit, visitors were asked to write their own programme for projection lighting.

The Wireless Zone showcased the latest applications in wireless communications, such as remote monitoring of plants and venues, fleet management systems, fault alert systems, tablet PCs which support frontline law enforcement actions and mobile closed circuit television surveillance.

The Energy Zone unveiled various solutions for energy saving and explored the potential for utilisation of clean energy in Hong Kong. The Euro IV emission standards for diesel vehicles were also expounded in full details.

Visitors at the Exhibition show immense interest in our demonstrations.

The Work and Living Environment Zone highlighted a number of new technologies which will have significant impact on our work and living environment. Featured items include IP telephony, High Definition (HD) video technology, as well as a full range of office automation solutions developed by EMSTF for other government departments. (See box on Major Exhibits.)

The award-winning ¡§A Symphony of Lights¡¨ was also simulated at the venue. This harbour show, which has set the Guinness World Record as the world's largest permanent light and sound show, was managed by EMSTF.

A series of seminars were held concurrently with the exhibition. The wide-ranging topics covered application of polarised refrigerant oil additives and other energy saving technologies, incineration techniques which can ¡§convert waste to energy¡¨, the electronic Human Resource Management System, and departmental network design and operation. These served as excellent platforms for EMSTF experts and customers to share experience and exchange information.

Prior to the exhibition, a number of talks were also organised, which focused on fun tips and practical information on E&M and IT-related issues that we are likely to encounter in daily life, such as how to select the ideal vehicle and HDTV, designing and setting up home networks, and electrical safety at home.

The Way Forward
Over the past decade, the EMSTF has implemented the management strategies essential for a successful organisational transformation: leadership and commitment on the part of the management, enhanced internal communications, various measures for motivating staff, and the translation of reform initiatives into management systems and practice. Successful implementation of these strategies laid the foundation for the department being bestowed the Gold Quality Award by the Hong Kong Management Association in 2006.

A series of pre-exhibition talks on IT and E&M-related issues which we often come across in our daily lives are held, attracting a large audience.

The EMSTF has been striving to become Hong Kong's most preferred E&M engineering service provider and its effort has won the appreciation of many customers. However, we cannot afford to be complacent. The next ten years will undoubtedly see more challenges coming our way. We must incessantly pursue innovation, and persist in our goal of always providing quality service, ultimately becoming the frontrunner amongst the world¡¦s top quality organisations.

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