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Today, the two most commonly used position monitoring systems around the world are the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the mobile phone network. However, Hong Kong has a high density of high rise buildings, especially in the urban areas, which tend to produce a large amount of reflective waves, making it difficult for the above two modes of positioning to attain great precision.

EMSD has recently launched the RadioCom Positioning System offering an innovative solution to enhance accuracy. The system comprises a micro transmitter, a receiver and a standard chip. The transmitter can be placed in any enclosed area, for example an indoor facility or basement, thereby overcoming any physical barrier. The receiver is just an ordinary portable radio. Signals received by the radio will be uploaded to the control centre, effectively locating the position of the person carrying the radio. Areas inside a building which normally cannot receive signals via GPS or mobile phone network can be served by this RadioCom Positioning System, allowing users to specify the area receiving signal.

Harware requirements of the RadioCom Positioning System.

The signal data received and uploaded to the control centre will be stored in the computer. These will also be simultaneously uploaded via network to a map server which provides real time monitoring of the entire path of movement of the object. Any deviation will be instantly detected, enabling speedy dispatch of support force. This not only helps to enhance the efficiency of security and patrol functions, but can also provide better protection for frontline personnel. The system also has its cost advantages. For most existing arrangements, the transmitter would require a separate system for uploading data. With the adoption of the portable radio, there is no need for the user to purchase any new equipment. The use of standard chips further reduces the cost for the entire set-up.

The new system could also be applied in object tracking. Receivers can be installed in the intended area for monitoring. When any stationary object bearing the micro transmitter inside the area is moved, the micro transmitter will emit signals which will be picked up by the control centre. Remote-monitoring is effectively achieved.

Testing on the indoor applications of this new RadioCom Positioning System has already been completed and the system is now available to customers. Any client department interested may contact EMSD for arrangement of system demonstration. Customers may also request tailor-made systems designed according to their special needs.

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