The Shenzhen Western Corridor is the first cross-border passage to adopt the ˇ§co-locationˇ¨ arrangement for customs and immigration facilities between Hong Kong and the Mainland, this carries great significance in the mainland - Hong Kong relationship. The sheer scale of the project, the complexity and tight deadline pose a great challenge to any engineering practitioner. The Project Division under EMSD is honoured to be given a role in the project, owed mainly to its experience in managing large projects and system integration accumulated through the years.

The construction of the joint inspection building is one of the core programme of the project. Apart from taking charge of the design for a greater part of the E&M and electronic works, EMSD also oversees the tender process and is responsible for monitoring contract implementation. Major facilities under installation include the fixed and mobile X-ray inspection systems, automatic license plate recognition system, uninterruptible power supply system, multi-media streaming system, closed-circuit television monitoring system, security and communication system. The Fire Services Department, Customs and Excise Department, Police Force, Department of Health and Immigration Department are among the various users served. EMSD will be responsible for the maintenance and operation of all the E&M, air-conditioning and electronic facilities under the various departments, once the building goes into operation.

The project covers diverse items requiring perfect coordination of various systems. Armed with abundant experience in system integration and a thorough understanding of the operational needs of government departments, EMSD was able to overcome all obstacles, backed by strategic planning. Though the team of subcontractors was made up of Hong Kong and mainland engineers with different cultural background, EMSD staff succeeded in achieving synchronisation to ensure smooth completion of the project.

Another big challenge of the project is that the passage must be completed by July, in time for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Hong Kongˇ¦s return of sovereignty to China. EMSD staff had to commute every day to the remote site, and given the heavy workload, made the work programme ever more stressful. With utmost perseverance and a great sense of mission, the team prevailed over each and every of these obstacles.

Equipment and instruments started to arrive at the border site in April this year. Subsequent installation and initial testing were completed in May. During the period, the Director of EMSD Mr Ho Kwong-wai, Deputy Director/Trading Services Mr Uy Tat-ping and Assistant Director/Business Development Mr Leung Tsun-ho have paid visit to the site to get first-hand updates of the work progress and to show support to the team members. Everyone at the EMSD is now anxiously looking forward to the opening of the Shenzhen Western Corridor, to mark the 10th anniversary of Hong Kongˇ¦s handover. They of course have every confidence that it will be all plain sailing ahead.

Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Mr Ho Kwong-wai (front row, left 4) and Deputy Director/Trading Services Mr Uy Tat-ping (front row, left 3) on a site visit to get first-hand updates of work progress and to show support to team members.
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