Airbus A380 is the world・s largest passenger plane. The EMSD team was among the units who contributed to this giant plane・s successful maiden landing and parking at the Hong Kong International Airport. It was indeed a great privilege to take part in the project, yet the tight schedule made the assignment all the more stressful.

Armed with years of proven experience in the maintenance of aircraft loading bridge, the tradition of constantly upgrading professional skills, and above all with the full support of the management and staff・s determination to uphold the performance pledge, the team from the Airport Engineering Services Sub-division took on the challenge head on. For two months, they embarked on a routine of :seven days a week, nine hours plus input per day, and working under temperature of over 35XC. The supplier・s incapability in delivering custom-made parts within the tight schedule meant the team had to retrofit the existing parts using known techniques. There was no precedent to learn from, everything was from experience accumulated through the years of on-the-ground practice. So the team ploughed on, and the retrofit project was completed ahead of schedule.

The approving nod from the customer and the smiling face of the pilot were our greatest reward and source of satisfaction. What・s more important, this signifies another big step forward for our airport engineering service capabilities, and another international acclaim for our customer.

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