In Brief
Information technology is finding increasing application in the workplace. To cater for this trend, EMSD organised a series of seminars to introduce software which have been custom-designed for various government departments to keep customers updated of the latest IT solutions.


During the first two months of this year, the department ran seminars for nine departments, including the Customs and Excise Department, Correctional Services Department, the Judiciary, the Civil Aviation Department, the Marine Department and others. Each of the seminars was supported by Powerpoint presentation, explanatory pamphlets, software demonstration and dedicated site visit to EMSD¡¦s Data Centre, all aimed to further enhance understanding of software systems developed by EMSD. The seminars were attended by division heads of client departments as well as senior managers. The large amount of enquiries generated reflected the enthusiastic response from customers. Dedicated personnel were swiftly assigned to follow up customers inquiries and explore the possibility of cooperation.

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