This year marks the 60th anniversary of EMSD since its establishment in 1948. Over the past 60 years, EMSD has endeavoured to serve the needs of the community for a better Hong Kong.

Mr K. W. HO, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (right), joined by former directors in the Opening Ceremony of commemorative plaque of EMSD Directors.
EMSD began as a small government unit, managed by a chief engineer, to provide general and routine support in E&M operations and maintenance. Today it has evolved into a government department with thousands of employees, operating on commercial principles to provide extensive E&M engineering services to client departments. EMSD also acts as the regulatory body for E&M and gas safety.

EMSD has been keeping pace with changing customer needs and rapid technology shifts by diversifying its service portfolio and providing value-added services. Our service scope has broadened to include project consultancy as well as information technology services. In addition, the mission and commitment of EMSD to Hong Kong has driven us to strengthen our communications with the public at large. A good example has been the broadening of our role from mere regulatory and enforcement work to more pro-active E&M safety public education and energy efficiency promotion in the community.

Looking forward, EMSD will continue to monitor closely the needs of the community and its clients, in order to provide more efficient, quality and diversified services to Hong Kong.
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