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New Bites

With the catchphrase "A small step for us, one giant leap for EMSTF", staff of General Engineering Services Division began the implementation of new facilities management services at the Canton Road and San Po Kong Government Offices in February. Our picture shows staff carrying out their new duties at the Canton Road Government Office.

The Hospital Engineering Services Sub-division has been working closely with Queen Elizabeth Hospital to install three brand new steam boilers. Each new energy efficient and environmentally friendly boiler has a capacity of 3.5 tons per hour.

In April 2000, the Airport Authority transferred airside fire services at Chek Lap Kok to the Fire Services Department. The Airport Sector Division is now responsible for the maintenance of these services which include three fire stations, two sea rescue stations, two boat points, several command and speed boats, a vehicle examination centre as well as the Fire Training Simulator shown in our picture.

A group from the Government Supplies Department, led by Deputy Director, Mr. Stanley Wong, visited us to exchange views and discuss their implementation plans for ISO 9000 certification. During the session, we shared our experiences, highlighting some of the problems encountered on our journey to ISO 9000 certification.

With the Urban Council's reorganisation at the end of 1999, the Vehicle Engineering Division was charged with replacing 3,000 number plates on the Council's 1,500 vehicles all in the space of a few hours. Legally no plates could be changed before midnight of 31 December 99 and after then every vehicle had to bear their new plates before being able to carry out their duties. As these vehicles were scattered throughout Hong Kong and as many of them, such as the refuse collection fleet had to work overnight, it was a mad dash to get the job done. Despite the special holiday, a team of 20 staff raced the clock, triumphantly completing the last replacement at 9:00am on 1 January 2000.

Since late last year EMSD held a number of road shows to take the safety and energy efficiency message to the community. The show, featuring a home with a number of electric and gas appliances in use, colourful displays, interactive games and a computer game, delivered a strong and powerful message to the community. Everyone enjoyed the experience, carrying the safety message home with a range of souvenirs and information leaflets.

Apart from working hard, EMSD staff has also been playing hard. Every Wednesday the Staff Club Room at Caroline Hill rings to the sound of music when the Music Club meets. The Club has been running for over two years under the leadership of Work Supervisor, Li Kai-wong, who is also a trained musician. The 50 members take violin or Chinese inst rument lessons, sing in the choir, and reach out to the community, taking their music to old folks homes and hospitals.

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