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Indoor Air Quality Solutions - Quality Air at Work

Protecting, maintaining and improving the quality of air is important for a quality life, especially in Hong Kong where high levels of air pollution have been recorded. However many of us do not realise that indoor air quality or IAQ is just as important to our well-being. With as much as 70% of our lives spent in an indoor environment, we suffer discomfort and get sick more easily if the quality of indoor air is poor.

With a strong background in measuring and improving the quality of indoor air in Hong Kong, EMSD is leading the way with a new Total IAQ Solutions package, which offers customised, one stop IAQ services for our customers.

Discussing the benefits of this service, Dr. Arthur Wong, one of EMSD's IAQ specialists said: "With the growing demand for higher environmental standards in the workplace, our Total IAQ Solutions package will help customers increase staff productivity, with the creation of a healthier workplace and an improved environment for staff. Our solutions packages are tailored to customer requirements to ensure that specific indoor air quality needs will be fully met. The service covers air quality measurements, proposals and the implementation of improvements, followed by ongoing monitoring and operations support. As a one-stop service solution, customers can rest assured that their indoor air quality objectives will be fully achieved."

EMSD has a long history in the measurement and improvement of indoor air quality.Activities go as far back as 1985, when the Prevention of Legionnaires Disease Committee was established to minimise the spread of the disease in Hong Kong. Since then, we have taken a pioneering role, establishing Indoor Air Quality objectives and conducting tests well before the introduction of legislation or other established standards. Today, our dedicated IAQ teams, run regular air sampling tests at over 9,000 points in the 700 government and publicbuildings under our care. In May 1998, our specially trained IAQ teams received ISO 9002 certification for IAQ measurement, a first in Hong Kong. To also ensure that we keep up-to-date on the latest scientific findings and solutions available, an IAQ Working Group meets regularly to exchange information and experiences on the latest technological development on health issues, pollutant measurement and rectification solutions.

Improving IAQ normally begins with air quality tests, which are analysed by our professional engineers. Depending on the results, rectification work is then recommended. This can range from simple housekeeping measures such as the removal of plants or excessive dust in curtains and carpets to the cleaning, maintenance, improvement and addition of equipment and systems. Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience in using new technology, such as high efficiency filters and ultra-violet light, to deal with IAQ problems.

If you are interested in how our Total IAQ Solutions package can help increase staff productivity and morale in your organisation, please give us a call on our Customer Support Hotline - 2915 6955 or e-mail us at emsdcsu@emsd.gov.hk.

Cleaner Air at Border Kiosks

We recently completed an IAQ project for the Immigration Department. Heavy traffic flows at Lok Ma Chau were creating high pollution and an unhealthy working environment for staff on duty at the border control kiosks. Approached for a solution, EMSD designed and installed an independent ventilation system, effectively "pressurizing" each control booth with cooled and filtered air, to keep the polluted air away. The results of this project were so positive that similar systems were also installed at control points in Sha Tau Kok and Man Kam To.

"...I must congratulate you on the quality work and professionalism your staff have rendered to our hospital. I feel even more convinced in my belief that regular cleansing and maintenance of our central air-conditioning system is very important to up-keep the efficiency and quality of the system which will in the end lead to provision of a safe and comfortable air-conditioned environment for our colleagues, including yours, partnering and working with us in Tuen Mun Hospital."

Mr. Benjamin Lee - General Manager (Administrative Services)
Tuen Mun Hospital

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