June 2003 Issue No. 8

  Main Feature
Benefits to Customers by Streamlining Work Arrangements

Shortcomings of Previous Work Arrangements 

In the past, the maintenance responsibility for some E&M installations (e.g. electrical systems) was fragmented amongst relevant works departments including EMSD & ArchSD. Such arrangement was prone to inter-department coordination problems, causing users’ confusion and frustration in identifying the right parties for addressing their service requests.

Streamlined Work Arrangements 

To tackle the aforementioned problems, the Environment, Transport & Works Bureau (ETWB) reviewed the situation and recently promulgated the ETWB Technical Circular (Works) No. 9/2003, which streamlined the demarcation of E&M maintenance responsibilities among various works departments based on the one-stop service principle with a view to enhancing service responsiveness and single-point service accountability to user departments.

The major change brought about by the technical circular is the transfer of maintenance responsibilities from the Architectural Services Department (ArchSD) to the Electrical & Mechanical Services Trading Fund (EMSTF) for three particular types of engineering installations, namely, (i) "electrical distribution systems (inclusive of lighting systems)" (ii) "fountain installations" and (iii) "cooling water mains for air-conditioning & refrigeration", all of which are collectively named as "Transferred Services" (see the diagram herein). The work scope covers not only the E&M maintenance-related works, but also the associated builder works. The new work arrangements for "Transferred Services", which take effect from 1 April 2003 and last for an interim period ending no later than 1 April 2005, apply to all customers except the Hospital Authority (HA) since ArchSD continues to provide "Transferred Services" to HA's Schedule I Hospitals until 31 March 2004.
Funding Arrangements

All “Transferred Services”, including associated builder’s works, remain to be funded by ArchSD. However, individual user departments continue to fund those maintenance services currently provided by EMSTF under the existing SLA / AMC arrangements.  

Ultimately, the maintenance responsibilities and the required funding for “Transferred Services” will be devolved to individual user departments so that they may continue to engage EMSTF for provision of “Transferred Services” or to engage alternative service providers in accordance with relevant financial and/or ETWB circulars.  

Benefits To User Departments

The EMSTF is committed to offering quality and value-for-money E&M services to all customers through continuous improvements. With the streamlined work arrangements pivoted on the one-stop service principle, EMSTF is charged with single-point service accountability, which is instrumental in enhancing service delivery in terms of responsiveness, efficiency and reliability. So far, the devolution of “Transferred Services” from ArchSD to EMSTF has all been satisfactory and our customers enjoy the said benefits by forwarding their service requests to the EMSTF direct through relevant business units or the Central Fault Call Centre ( Hotline No. : 2333 3762 ).

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