June 2003 Issue No. 8

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EMSTF Develops Central Fetal Monitoring System at the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital

EMSTF’s in-house staff have successfully developed a new central fetal monitoring system, replacing the hospital's aged system. The new system was designed to interface with all existing fetal and maternal monitors, assisting clinical/nursing personnel to improve fetal birth outcomes.

The tailor-made system has the following distinctive features:

(a) Different brands of fetal monitor can be connected to the new system.
(b) Allowing patient data to be stored in standard format in commonly used media,     
e.g. CD-ROMs;
(c) Multiple local or remote users, through commonly available computer networks, can monitor real-time the patient parameters such as Uterine Activity, Maternal and Fetal Heart Rates.

The new system has so far received good response from the client who wrote a letter to recognise our contribution.  Moreover, a prototype of the new device was demonstrated in the exhibition of the Customer Service Award held at Central Library from 20 to 24 Feb 2003.  Feedback from the public was also encouraging.



A local newspaper introduces the successful development of Central Fetal Monitoring System by EMSTF.


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Mr. Patrick Fung of EMSD (first from right) and officiating guests jointly celebrate the opening ceremony of the 10th Hong Kong Quality Management Convention.

The 10th Hong Kong Quality Management Convention

HKQMA and HKPC jointly organised the 10th Hong Kong Quality Management Convention, of which Mr. Patrick Fung (Management Services Manager of EMSD) was named chairman of the organising committee. Under the theme of “Value Creation through Quality”, the event took place at HKCEC on 16-17 March 2003 with a view to promoting a quality management culture and providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge about quality. Having received the Silver Award in the Government Departments Category, our Enhancement Team was invited to attend the convention and presented their project “Improvement of Chilled Water System for Energy Saving” among other quality experts from overseas.

Restructuring of General Engineering Services Division

In line with our mission to provide quality services to our valued customers, our General Engineering Services Division has merged the electrical, mechanical and air-conditioning (EMA) and the building services (BS) into three new integrated sub-divisions, serving Hong Kong island, Kowloon and New Territories areas with effective from 1 April 2003. New depots have been set up for each region to enhance work effectiveness, and provide speedier and more efficient one-stop shop services to all customers.

Staff members of General Engineering Services Division celebrate the launching of one-stop shop services to customers.

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HSD's consultancy services team are received by their hosts, the Southeast Asia Regional Office of ECRI in Malaysia.

Health Sector Division Provides Consultancy Services to ECRI

By signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), ERCI and our Health Sector Division (HSD) have agreed to build up a closer and mutually beneficial mode of cooperation in order to foster both parties’ knowledge about medical equipment and technology. As part of the cooperation, the Southeast Asia Regional Office of ECRI commissioned HSD to conduct a consultancy study on the content of Biomedical Engineering Services (BES) for applications in Asian hospitals.  Taking up this challenge, HSD started to collect, examine and discuss the relevant data. Its three colleagues responsible for the consultancy services visited Malaysia in late 2002, gaining a deeper understanding of the design characteristics and support arrangements of the Hospital Equipment Computerised Information System (HECS). We view this study as a valuable experience paving the way for developing more engineering consultancy services in future.