Fresh Water Cooling Towers

In June 2000, the Government, with the support of EMSD and other bureaux/departments, launched a scheme for wider use of fresh water in cooling towers for energy efficient air conditioning systems (FWCT Scheme) for non-domestic buildings. The FWCT Scheme was launched as a pilot scheme for application in initial 6 designated areas in Hong Kong. With its widely acceptance by the trade, it has changed its pilot status to a standing one from June 2008. A recent review was completed in December 2016 to streamline application procedures and requirements of the FWCT Scheme.

How to Apply

This scheme applies to all non-domestic buildings and other buildings where the use of fresh water for evaporative cooling is supplied for non-domestic usage within the designated areas. They are encouraged to apply for participation in the FWCT Scheme for their fresh water cooling towers installations.

Designated Areas

The updated location plans of the designated areas for application are listed at the following:

Outside designated areas

For premises located outside the listed designated areas, applications for joining the FWCT Scheme for their fresh water cooling tower installations are also welcomed and will be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with Water Supplies Department (WSD) on adequacy of fresh water supply. Addition/ extension of designated areas will be considered as appropriate with regard to the applications.

Publications for FWCT Scheme

Requirements of Joining FWCT Scheme

The requirements of application and operation of the FWCT Scheme are detailed in the following documents:

Code of Practice for Fresh Water Cooling Towers - CoP(FWCT)

To promote the proper use of water-cooled air conditioning systems for energy efficiency with regard to the environment and health issues, a set of Code of Practice for Water-cooled Air Conditioning System, CoP(WACS), 2006 edition, was promulgated in July 2006 to provide guidelines for the cooling tower design, installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance. The CoP(WACS) was then reviewed and renamed as Code of Practice for Fresh Water Cooling Towers, 2016 edition, CoP(FWCT). The new CoP(FWCT) comprises three parts:-

All applications for participation in the FWCT Scheme should comply with the requirements and guidance in the FWCT Scheme Brochure and CoP(FWCT): Parts 1-3.

Further, all cooling tower installations under the FWCT Scheme should also comply with the requirements stipulated in Code of Practice for Prevention of Legionnaires' Disease, 2021 edition [PDF format (3.20MB)] published by the Prevention of Legionnaires' Disease Committee.

Good Operation and Maintenance Practice of Fresh Water Cooling Towers

The owners of cooling tower installations should maintain proper conditions of the fresh water cooling towers to minimize contamination and nuisances to the public. A Guideline on Good Operation and Maintenance Practice of Fresh Water Cooling Towers [PDF format (2.9MB)] is compiled based on CoP(FWCT): Part 2 for easy reference.

Good Operation and Maintenance Practice of Fresh Water Cooling TowersTo facilitate cooling towers' owners and property management agencies to operate and maintain fresh water cooling towers properly, EMSD has prepared a video and a sample specification in procuring operation and maintenance services for reference:-

*Note: If the FWCT Scheme is suspended under special circumstances, the public will normally be notified not less than 6 months in advance.

Together, We Fight the Virus!
Together, We Fight the Virus!