JULY 2005 Issue No.12
Lead Story

Standing tall at Kai Shing Street, Kowloon Bay, EMSD's new headquarters building with its latest green features and sustainable development design concepts is missioned to foster seamless connection between EMSD and its customers as well as to reinforce bonding among all staff.

A new headquarters building which utilizes the state-of-the-art information technology and electrical, mechanical and building services equipment rightly reflects EMSD as Hong Kong's prime provider of electrical and mechanical engineering services. The 800 m2 Data Centre and 10G high speed network further provides a critical technical support platform for customers in monitoring facilities and real time maintenance and repair.

The expanded office space allows different divisions previously located in different premises across the territory to move under one roof. This will inevitably enhance communication between various divisions and ultimately benefit customers with more efficient service.

The new headquarters building also serves as a showcase of sustainable development, environmental friendliness and energy conservation implementation to our customers and the general public, boosting the corporate image of EMSD. The design of the building integrates the concept of sustainable development. During the redevelopment process, careful considerations have been made to maximize recycling of building materials and other resources and apply various advanced energy efficient devices. The former Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal, a still structurally sound building, has undergone full conversion and been given a new life with new functions. Along with this is a clear message to the community: sustainable development does not exist only on paper but is an achievable goal. The green features too have a significant educational role to play: to raise the awareness of the public in the importance of energy conservation, through organized guided tours of the building for students and members of the community.

Whilst certain divisions/units have been centralized, the some existing 1,000 EMSD regional offices distributed throughout the territory will continue to provide support to local customers.

Green Features

The new headquarters building embraces a myriad of innovative green features and novel concepts in energy utilization. Among these are:
Water-Cooled Ammonia Chillers: reducing operating cost whilst enhancing overall operating efficiency of the cooling system. Ammonia has zero ozone depletion and is a very environmentally friendly refrigerant.   Skylights: optimizing the use of natural lighting and hence reduce the demand for artificial lighting, whilst creating a pleasant working environment.
Ice Maker and Tank: producing ice during off-peak period of energy demand, which is then stored in tanks. During peak periods, this ice will be melted, generating cooling effect and thereby reducing electricity demand.   Motion and Daylight Sensors: which will automatically adjust brightness of the lighting according to intensity of natural illumination and even switch off lighting when an area becomes unoccupied, thereby saving electrical energy.
Photovoltaic System: installed on the roof and is the largest of its kind in Hong Kong. The system comprises 2,300 panels covering a total surface area of about 3,200 m2 and with a maximum output of 350 kW. The system has now been linked up with the city power grid and is currently one of the power sources for the new headquarters building.

Opening Ceremony

Permanent Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works (Works), Ir Y. C. Lo, JP, officiated the opening ceremony of EMSD new headquarters building, which was held on 14 July 2005. Other guests of honour included the senior directorates of Architectural Services Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Drainage Services Department, Highways Department and Water Supplies Department.


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