JULY 2005 Issue No.12

Main Feature

Information technology is playing an ever increasingly important role in service provision. Customers are having more diversified needs in data collection and processing. EMSD's headquarters relocation exercise presented opportunity to build an all new data centre which now spans over 800 m2 and supported by a 10G high speed network. Whilst such advanced technology and equipment will undoubtedly allow the Service Development Unit to further increase efficiency, it also creates opportunities for developing more new products and services for customers.

Apart from daily operation of the Data Centre and Information Service Centre, the Unit also engages in software development to meet customers' needs. The Data Centre and 10G high speed fibre-optical network together offer a powerful communication platform, enabling EMSD and its customers ever closer and faster interaction. Large amount of information can now be transmitted over a stable, reliable as well as highly secure network, allowing the Data Centre and Information Service Centre to obtain timely feedback from frontline application centres or user's sites. EMSD experts will be able to promptly devise remedies once any fault is detected and hence substantially expedites the response time.

The high speed network carries a 4.9G wireless spectrum which is allocated for exclusive use by government agencies, such high security characteristic renders it ideal for applications such as highway traffic surveillance and also in remote places or during emergency. Since there is no hardware currently available in the market, which can support such applications, the Service Development Unit has taken the initiative to approach overseas manufacturers for co-development of tailor-made equipment. The device is now undergoing final testing and will be ready for service once approval is obtained from the relevant authorities.

The Unit is engaging in a number of other large-scale projects, such as development of government-specific software. These software will all be common ware which every government department can share, whilst at the same time able to cater for the special needs of public sector organizations. The HRMS and e-DMS are two such products which have successfully won the trust of clients.

The new headquarters building, with its more sophisticated equipment and agreeable working environment, is expected to give impetus for our IT services development to move forward.



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