JULY 2005 Issue No.12

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Life Long Learners Take the Leads

EMSD recognizes the importance of its staff to keep pace with technological development. This is especially true in the area of biomedical and clinical engineering technology which is constantly evolving. The staff are specifically required to grasp the changing needs of the customers, and even proactively predict the customers' future needs, thereby making timely recommendation of technical and operational solutions which can cater for such needs. This truly reflects EMSD's customer-driven philosophy.

In the past year, over 30 engineering and technical personnel from the Health Sector Division have succeeded in acquiring professional qualifications from various professional bodies, including Certified Medical Laser Safety Officer(CMLSO), Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician(CBET), Certified Clinical Engineer(CCE) and Member of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine(MIPEM).

The division is committed to cultivating a life long learning culture among its staff. Experts are often invited from overseas to organize training courses and give special lectures to help staff in adopting the latest technology to upgrade customer service and safeguard the health of the Hong Kong people.


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Distinguished Officer Bestowed Full Recognition

EMSD is extremely fortunate to have the support of staff members who are not only true professionals in their daily work, but also great enthusiasts in community service. Earlier this year, on 31 March, Mr Poon Kwok Ying, Raymond, an electronic engineer of the Health Sector Division received the Young Engineer of the Year Award 2005 from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers. Raymond is the first government engineer granted such prestigious title. Whilst the award's principal aim is to recognize outstanding young engineers who have made contributions to the local engineering profession and the community at large, it also seeks to encourage more young engineers to participate in community work.

Raymond thinks the award carries extra significance since it recognizes the achievement of government engineers in the profession and lets the public get to know more of the capability of government personnel. He values very much the knowledge and experience gained through community service, which could invariably be applied in his daily work, ultimately benefiting the customers.

Raymond is truly a role model for colleagues in EMSD. It is hoped that his distinguished accomplishment will help encourage more of our staff to participate in community work and to contribute to the Hong Kong people.

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Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream

Since the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) transferred a number of maintenance services to EMSD, the department has played a pivotal role in providing much needed technical support to the client, enabling HKO to focus on weather forecast and developing new service for better financial benefits.

A 29-member team of the Airport Engineering Services Sub-division (Civil Aviation), offers one-stop service for the Civil Aviation Department and HKO, shuttling between the airport island, various outlying islands, and even radar, navigational and meteorological stations located on mountain tops across the territory. In carrying out routine inspection, maintenance services and emergency repair of on-site equipment, the team members not only demonstrate excellent professional skills, but have to constantly face challenges posed by nature and unpredictable climatic conditions, which demand both physical and mental competence. Landing in rough terrain by helicopter and locating remote facilities on foot are just some of such challenges. Yet these never deter the men from fulfilling their duty of safeguarding uninterrupted service of client equipment.

Prior to rolling out each major work process, the team would perform thorough safety evaluation and take measures to minimize risks. Indeed, through the years, the management has endeavoured to cultivate a culture of safety and increase staff's awareness of safety issues. The sub-division may well be exposed to work conditions of the highest risk level amongst all EMSD divisions, but it has succeeded in maintaining excellent safety record, thanks to the effort of all stakeholders. The department would like to take this opportunity to reiterate total support for this dedicated group of staff.


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