Ever since its inception, the EMSTF has never wasted a minute in organising and changing towards the goal for excellence. Because of this every staff member in EMSD is feeling proud that their efforts were recognised when the Vehicle Engineering Sub-division was awarded 1st runner-up in Internal Service of Civil Service Outstanding Service Award Scheme 2007.
LegCo Member Hon. Tam Yiu-chung (left) presented the ¡¥Internal Service¡¦ 1st Runner-Up Award to Mr She Siu-kuen, Airport and Vehicle Manager, EMSD.

The Award, organised by the Civil Service Bureau since 1999, aims to promote and cultivate a culture of quality service amongst government departments, which coincides precisely with EMSTF¡¦s mission of ¡§providing our customers and the public with total engineering solutions and service excellence¡¨. It is also this mission that drives the Vehicle Engineering Sub-division to set her goal in being the premier ¡§Vehicle Pal¡¨ for approximately 70 government departments, and to provide comprehensive one-stop support services in purchase, modification, maintenance and technical support for over 6,300 operating vehicles. The winning of Internal Service Award is an excellent recognition of the quality service of EMSTF, and is treasured by the entire staff.

In addition to the Vehicle Engineering Sub-division, the Electricity Legislation Division received the 1st runner-up in the ¡§Innovation Award¡¨, while the Energy Efficiency Office attained Merit Award and Cost Effectiveness Award in the Application of Technology. EMSD collaborated with other government departments and won both the 1st and 2nd runner-up in the Partnership Award.

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