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Advancement in medical technologies is fast. To fully exploit its positive functions in protecting the public health, there needs to be definitive facilities planning and technical support. With an abundance of experts in E&M engineering and biomedical electronics, EMSD has been an essential executive arm to the Hospital Authority undertaking expansion and improvement works that help safeguard the health and hygiene of Hong Kong citizens in the past years.

Being one of the world's most densely populated cities, Hong Kong must be well prepared for the possible large-scale outbreak of contagious diseases in the community. As such, the Hospital Authority has set up Hong Kong's ever first Infectious Disease Centre attached in the Princess Margaret Hospital and entrusted our Health Sector Division with planning of different electronics systems works in the centre and offering maintenance advice on its E&M and air-conditioning design. EMSD also takes charge of the operation and maintenance of the various systems after the centre was commissioned.

With all due care and accuracy, and aided by a thorough understanding of the unique operational requirements of hospital setting, EMSD has completed the engineering works to client's full satisfaction. On 22nd June, 2007, the centre grand opening was held with Mr GAO Qiang, Minister of Health, People's Republic of China and Dr CHOW Yat-ngok, York, Secretary for Food and Health, as officiating guests. Deputy Director/Trading Services, Mr UY Tat-ping and Acting Assistant Director/Engineering Services 2, Mr CHOI Kwok-kuen of EMSD also attended the ceremony to witness this important occasion.
To take direct action in protecting the environment, EMSD has been actively implementing energy saving works for client departments since 1990's. In July 2007, the first photovoltaic panel system for the Hospital Authority, using sunlight as energy source, was installed and operated in the Kowloon Hospital as a tribute to enhance the Action Blue Sky campaign.

EMSD firmly believes that with the support and cooperation from client departments, we can carry out more energy efficiency projects, ultimately create a better living environment for Hong Kong's future generations.

In just six months, our Health Sector Division assisted the Hospital Authority to set up a Minimal Access Surgery Training Centre with international standard by providing one-stop project management service, enabling Hong Kong to become the hub for training minimal access surgeons from across the Asia Pacific regions.

Situated in the Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, this state-of-art training centre houses a spacious surgery theatre that can accommodate concurrently 6 surgical teams plus the trainer for demonstration and training purposes. It also includes a large auditorium and multi-functional lecture theatre. All of the functional units are equipped and interlinked with multi-media audio visual systems, allowing real time broadcast of the surgical demonstration amongst the auditorium and lecture theatre to facilitate international conference and seminars to be held in the meantime.

For client's benefit of having a realistic impression about the actual spatial arrangement and layout of the surgery theatre with a total of 7 surgical teams working in it, EMSD staff took the initiative to build a demonstrative scale mock up at site for client's approval before construction work started. This value-added service was deeply appreciated by our client.

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