Main Feature

Recently, EMSD has signed with the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) the first Service Level Agreement to provide consultancy and project management services for the OGCIO led ¡§Government Wi-Fi Programme¡¨. OGCIO is responsible for coordinating and developing ICT applications within and outside the Government.

Upon completion of the project in two years, citizens will be allowed free connection to the Internet making use of the Wi-Fi facilities installed in 350 "hotspots" scattered in government facilities such as public libraries, community centres and government complexes. The engineering works for the first 120 hotspots will be finished by mid-2008 with the remaining 230 hotspots becoming operational one year later. In addition, non-interruption of daily operational activities, while engineering work is being carried out, is of prime concern since most of the selected hotspots are locations where active and ongoing government services are located. Time is, therefore, really tight for this project.

To ensure a smooth undertaking of the project, it is very important to understand the physical constraints of the sites and the operational needs of our customers. Fortunately, all of the target spots in the programme are currently served by EMSD, who is familiar with the sites and trusted by the venue operators. EMSD is confident that the public will enjoy the convenience of Internet access when the facility becomes operational.

An IT professional is doing a final check of the system used for demonstration in the opening ceremony of the Government Wi-Fi Programme.