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All Geared Up for the Real Thing
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All Geared Up for the Real Thing

We may have watched films featuring scenes of dramatic rescues at sea – someone lowered from a hovering helicopter winching a struggling swimmer to safety in the midst of a heavy storm. But while some of us may wonder how the stunt was staged, few of us wonder how real-life rescuers are able to fulfil their tasks successfully under genuinely tough circumstances.

In reality, it takes a lot of training for rescuers to be ready to carry out a real-life rescue. EMSTF has installed simulation systems at the new Fire Services Department Diving Base on Stonecutters Island to simulate real-life marine rescue situations for training up professional rescue team to serve the community.

At the Diving Base, a helicopter downwash simulation fan system generates strong winds like those from a helicopter's rotary blades while a wave generation system produces waves up to 1.8 metres high, creating conditions very similar to those rescuers encounter at sea. The helicopter winching simulator brings the rescuer to save the life of the swimmer.

In addition, a deep-diving simulator, which comprises two pressure chambers that could be pressurised up to 10 bar gauge pressure has been installed at the Diving Base. The diving simulator chamber is simulating the diving environment at 100 metres water depth, while the decompression chamber provides medical treatment for patients associated with decompression sicknesses.

The wave generation system, together with the helicopter downwash simulation fan system (inset), produces big waves and strong winds to simulate the marine rescue situation. (Source: Fire Services Department)

The decompression chamber (left), the control panel (middle) and the diving simulator chamber (right) .