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Rendering Services to New Block at Prince of Wales Hospital

The Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH), an acute hospital of New Territories East region and the teaching hospital of the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, has a recently constructed in-patient block with facilities such as operating theatres, ICU, various in-patient wards, a pharmacy, an auditorium and a rapid response laboratory.

The new block, named as Main Clinical Block and Trauma Centre, is equipped with a Picture Archiving and Communication System (filmless system) for storing and viewing of digital radiological images at wards and on computers. This replaces the use of traditional X-ray film.

EMSTF has been providing professional advice and technical support on E&M services to the extension block since July 2007. EMSTF also rendered services of installation of specialised equipment and the testing and commissioning of E&M equipment.

The new building, which was substantially completed at the end of April 2010, has been progressively put into operation from October 2010. Our operation services include the E&M, air-conditioning and building services systems.


Roof chiller plant to provide a comfortable environment for the new building.

Operating theatre at the new clinical block; EMSTF provides equipment maintenance service to the hospital.