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Going Low-carbon with EVs

In the Government's carbon reduction initiatives, electric vehicles (EVs) feature quite prominently because their widespread adoption would cut roadside pollution in Hong Kong.

The good news for motorists is that, in addition to cutting greenhouse gases emissions, EVs will also reduce fuel cost by about 70%. Since they don't run on internal combustion engines, they offer a quiet ride with less vibration than petrol-driven vehicles. EMSTF has been entrusted by the Environment Bureau to test the performance of EVs. We find that EVs perform very similarly to petrol-driven vehicles in terms of both acceleration and driving torque. Also, they can remain switched on while idle since they do not produce emissions.

EMSTF will continue to provide service in EV procurement and technical support, such as setting up of EV charging facilities.

EV drivers enjoy a quiet ride with less vibration than petrol-driven vehicle.

EV charging socket.