NEWS Bites

Revamping of EMSD Website
Making sure that both the public and our customers have easy access to useful and user-friendly information, we will relaunch our website. The site has been completely redesigned,information restructured and the entire site has been given a fresh new look. The aim is not only to provide comprehensive and useful information on our activities and services but also to make it easier for users to find required information as quickly as possible.

The website answers any general enquiries that users may have on what we do and provides a convenient communication channel. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our revamped website at If you have any views and comments, let us know. We would be very pleased to hear from you.

New EMSTF Hotline
Our existing 24-hour fault reporting hotline 2333 3762 has been extended to accept customer enquiries and complaints, to become a convenient one-stop "EMSTF Hotline". The new hotline provides a single point of contact for customers to report equipment faults, make enquiries and lodge complaints. The previous customer hotline on 2915 6955 has therefore ceased operations.
New Contracts for LPG Filling Stations Awarded
EMSD awarded two contracts for the design, building and operation of four additional dedicated LPG filling stations in Kowloon and the western New Territories in March 2001. This is the second batch of contracts awarded by the Department. The first batch of contracts was awarded last year, covering five stations which are now in operation. The four new stations in Mei Foo, Tuen Mun, Kowloon Bay and Kwai Chung are scheduled to commence operations by the end of 2001.
Mr. Roger Lai, the Director of EMSD (2nd left) is seen at the contract signing ceremony
Wastewater Treatment Plant Contract
Our Airport Sector Division recently won the contract to provide operations and maintenance services to the wastewater treatment plant at the Hong Kong International Airport for a further five years to 2005. Services required under the contract include operations, planned maintenance, breakdown and emergency maintenance and technical support for the treatment plant.
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IHF Congress 2001
The 32nd International Hospital Federation Congress 2001, organised by the International Hospital Federation and the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, was held at the Convention and Exhibition Centre in Hong Kong in May. Hand in hand with the event, an exhibition was held to showcase the latest medical products and equipment, trends and developments in the industry. There were more than 30 exhibitors representing some of the major names in hospital management services and pharmaceuticals from around the world. EMSD participated in the event to promote our hospital engineering services and our many capabilities in this area.

Mr. M. S. Kwok, Assistant Director of Engineering Services 2 (centre)
visits the HSDís exhibition booth at the International Hospital Federation Congress.
Continuous Learning & Development in the Civil Service
The Civil Service Training and Development Institute organised a one-day Symposium and Exhibition on Continuous Learning and Development in the Civil Service in April. About 20 government departments, tertiary institutions and government organisations participated as exhibitors, displaying a range of products and programmes to promote continuous learning. Invited to take part in the event, our exhibition displays focused on EMSDís evolution and culture change seen through the eyes of "Uncle Chow", an EMSD retiree. He talks about the many benefits and the tremendous difference that training and development has made to the Departmentís activities.
Reducing Vehicle Waste
Pursuing our objectives for a cleaner and greener Hong Kong, our Vehicle Engineering Division, with the support of the Environmental Protection Department and Government Supplies Department, carried out a trial on the use of retread tyres in the governmentís vehicle fleet. Over 200 vehicles participated in the scheme with highly successful results. The use of recycled materials reduced the degree of vehicle waste whilst also producing savings in the maintenance of the vehicle fleet. These benefits are potentially significant in view of the total number of tyres — last year 14,933 tyres were used — in the Divisionís activities.
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