Introducing EMSTF's New Vision, Mission and Values

"Earlier this year, the new EMSTF Vision, Mission and Values were introduced. Let me take this opportunity to explain the rationale behind the new philosophy and to talk about some of the benefits that it will bring.

With the establishment of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund in 1996, we formulated our Mission to provide reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective E&M engineering services to customers. After almost five years’ operation as a Trading Fund, we feel that we have achieved much of what we originally set out to do.

This Mission has taken us successfully through the establishment of the Trading Fund and the first two phases of the "untying" process. We have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 corporate certification, we have boosted productivity by over 15% in the past three years, our operational systems have been restructured both to streamline processes and provide a more responsive service to customers.

However our customers are growing in sophistication and their requirements in complexity. The provision of traditional engineering services may therefore not be the best or most effective solution for their needs.

Building on past achievements, our new Vision, Mission and Values provide the framework and direction to meet these needs. With our Vision, we aim to be the "most preferred" E&M service provider, that is the top choice of our customers. Over the years we have built many trusted partnerships and are the “preferred choice" of many of these customers. Our ultimate goal however is for all customers to see us in this light.

Mr. John Chan, Deputy Director/Trading Service

Our Mission seeks to provide total engineering solutions to meet customer needs. We aim to do this through the provision of a range of technologically advanced and value-added solutions for customers that meet changing trends around the world — services that are more customer-focused, environmentally friendly and energy saving.

Our Indoor Air Quality Services and Energy Management Programmes have started the ball rolling in this direction. Additionally, anticipating the new technologies that are currently emerging in the new “knowledge-based economies", we are also providing training for our staff in these areas, to ensure that we will meet demand as they arise. We are also exploring the possibility of providing Data Centre services for our customers as Hong Kong increasingly moves towards an "e-government" environment.

Our Values, which support our Vision and Mission, are the fundamental beliefs that our staff already practice in their day-to-day activities. The Values act as a guideline and constant reminder that these qualities are essential to customer satisfaction and our own future success."

John Chan, Deputy Director/Trading Services

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