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Induction Cookers

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For a summary of the brands of listed models, please refer to Summary of the brands of listed models.

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BRUNOBOE090I2200092022407180086.63ACE KITCHEN LIMITED
dogadoJGAA-0111I2300112023419200086.33ACE KITCHEN LIMITED
GarwoodsEC-1288I1901362019614280088.42ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2360ICI2300042023626280088.92ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2368ICI1900652019624280085.24ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2866I1901372019636280088.32ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2933I1901622019629280088.32ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2938I2100252021631280088.52ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2966I2100262021623280088.52ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2968I2100272021604280088.52ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2969I2300222023604280088.52ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2970I2100502021630280088.52ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2976I2300132023796360088.72ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2978I2100512021630280088.52ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-2988I1901632019636280088.42ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-7138ICI2100592021633280090.61ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsEC-7268ICI2100602021637280088.72ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
GarwoodsS8-2928ICI2400052024636280090.21ARAYTRON TECHNOLOGY LTD
LUFTMEDluftmed-8111-oI1900782019415190085.44AVIAVISON GLOBAL LIMITED
LUFTMEDluftmed-8124-254-A01I2000182020730340086.53AVIAVISON GLOBAL LIMITED
BaumaticBHI222.5-HKI1901502019800360084.94BAUMATIC ASIA LIMITED
BaumaticBHI244I1900942019646300082.15BAUMATIC ASIA LIMITED
BaumaticBHI305.1I1901512019677300084.44BAUMATIC ASIA LIMITED
BaumaticBHI305.2I1900952019589280087.33BAUMATIC ASIA LIMITED
BaumaticBHI310I2000712020423200086.33BAUMATIC ASIA LIMITED
BaumaticBHI637.1I19009620191199550085.44BAUMATIC ASIA LIMITED
BaumaticBHI714I22001220221111520090.11BAUMATIC ASIA LIMITED
BaumaticBIPI604I22001020221417640087.83BAUMATIC ASIA LIMITED
BoschPIB375FB1EI1900132019769360088.12BSH HOME APPLIANCES LIMITED
BoschPXX375FB1EI1900142019766360088.02BSH HOME APPLIANCES LIMITED
SiemensEH375FBB1EI1900062019769360088.12BSH HOME APPLIANCES LIMITED
SiemensEH8P5262HKI2300092023743350089.12BSH HOME APPLIANCES LIMITED
SiemensEH8P5263HKI2300102023611280088.82BSH HOME APPLIANCES LIMITED
SiemensEX375FXB1EI1900152019766360088.02BSH HOME APPLIANCES LIMITED
CandyCDI 30I2000012020713330085.94CANDY ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED
CandyCIB640DV3PMI20000220201538700083.55CANDY ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED
KÜZZODG-288I2000292020618280088.12CHARM VANTAGE LIMITED
KÜZZODG-288SI2200212022618280088.12CHARM VANTAGE LIMITED
KÜZZOIH-202I1901002019432200088.32CHARM VANTAGE LIMITED
KÜZZOIH-283I1901132019597280088.42CHARM VANTAGE LIMITED
KÜZZOIH-286I1901142019597280088.42CHARM VANTAGE LIMITED
KÜZZOmini DG-228I2200242022618280088.12CHARM VANTAGE LIMITED
ConcordeIC-2628I2200372022551260085.95CONCORDE DEVELOPMENT LIMITED
electriQQIC-D2800I2000782020597280088.22D & A ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
electriQQIC-D2801I2300152023600280090.21D & A ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
electriQQIC-D2802I2300162023618280088.12D & A ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.
Total 389 records of listed model(s) found
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The record of listed models is kept by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (the Director) under Section 14 of the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance Cap. 598. It contains all product models which have been assigned with reference numbers by the Director that are still valid. The information contained in the product record is those submitted by the Information Provider.

EMSD makes no representations, warranties or endorsements whatsoever about the suitability of proprietary products and related services for individual uses / applications, safety of products, fitness for purposes, merchantable quality, etc. The record of listed models should be read in conjunction with the Disclaimer at EMSD Homepage.

The record of listed models is updated on a weekly basis. For latest information, please contact us.

For models whose reference numbers have been removed from the record of listed models, please refer to Models with Reference Numbers Removed.

For models which are not supplied in the market or their availability is not updated by Information Provider, please refer to Products not being Supplied.

For contact details of suppliers with listed models, please refer to Contact Details of Suppliers with Listed Models.