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For a summary of the brands of listed models, please refer to Summary of the brands of listed models.

Details of Listed Models without Updated Energy Efficiency Grade:
  • Before 31 December 2021 (2nd Upgrading of Grading Standard).

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    Cold MagicCDH-27R2BU2-D230033202011716.602.661Efatar
    RasonicRPD-A28HU2-D230032202011617.032.751Shun Hing Electric Works
    LGWD25GVKF0U2-D230031202017324.882.701LG Electronics HK Ltd
    White-WestinghouseWDE361U2-D230030202015922.762.681Westwing Appliances Ltd.
    SHARPDW-S27FA-WU2-D230029202011416.442.701Dah Chong Hong, Ltd.
    ecHomeDH201U2-D230028202010112.492.311E.P.S.A. CORPORATION LTD.
    PHILIPSDE3223/30U2-D230027202011015.042.551Versuni HK LTD
    NOVELND2120U2-D230026202010112.492.311NOVEL BASICS LIMITED
    Stadler FormAlbert Grade 1U2-D230025202010213.232.431A Channel Limited
    MideaMDDI-28L3DU2-D230024202011617.032.751MIDEA ELECTRIC (HK) LTD
    VINOVD15A-FA4AU2-D230023202011615.842.561VINO CO.,LTD
    CarrierDC-28VSBU2-D230022202011717.552.811Century Carrier Co Ltd.
    CarrierDC-25VSBU2-D230021202010415.972.891Century Carrier Co Ltd.
    CarrierDC-22VSBU2-D23002020207213.373.481Century Carrier Co Ltd.
    CarrierDC-28VSU2-D230019202011717.552.811Century Carrier Co Ltd.
    CarrierDC-25VSU2-D230018202010415.972.891Century Carrier Co Ltd.
    CarrierDC-22VSU2-D23001720207213.373.481Century Carrier Co Ltd.
    TCLDE 26LE U2-D230016202011214.182.381TCL Overseas
    LGMD19GQCE0U2-D230015202013219.292.731LG Electronics HK Ltd
    LGMD18GQCE0U2-D230014202012018.562.911LG Electronics HK Ltd
    LGMD17GQCE0U2-D230013202011117.702.991LG Electronics HK Ltd
    LGMD16GQCE0U2-D23001220209616.193.151LG Electronics HK Ltd
    SHARPDW-RN23A-WU2-D230011202010214.052.591Dah Chong Hong, Ltd.
    WhirlpoolDS242HEHKU2-D230010202010812.972.252Whirlpool (HK) Ltd.
    WhirlpoolDS242HGHKU2-D230009202010812.972.252Whirlpool (HK) Ltd.
    GERMAN POOLDHM-911-SCU2-D2300082020889.562.041GERMAN POOL (HK) LTD
    GERMAN POOLDHM-807-SCU2-D2300072020727.181.882GERMAN POOL (HK) LTD
    MHIMDC30B-HU2-D230006202012817.732.601MHI (HK) Ltd - AC Div.
    MHIMDC25W-HU2-D230005202011315.612.581MHI (HK) Ltd - AC Div.
    MHIMDC20W-HU2-D230004202011315.612.581MHI (HK) Ltd - AC Div.
    ecHomeDH35U2-D230003202018321.762.232E.P.S.A. CORPORATION LTD.
    ecHomeDH12U2-D2300022020856.901.533E.P.S.A. CORPORATION LTD.
    ZANUSSIZD2023U2-D230001202010112.482.311Dah Chong Hong, Ltd.
    giggasGL-3018LU2-D220034202013518.102.511World Engineering Ltd.
    ZANUSSIZD2733U2-D220033202010815.432.671Dah Chong Hong, Ltd.
    LGMD17GQSE0U2-D220032202011117.702.991LG Electronics HK Ltd
    LGMD18GQBE0U2-D220031202012018.562.911LG Electronics HK Ltd
    ZANUSSIZD2822DAU2-D220030202011614.722.381D & A Electronics
    CarrierYC-23DGU2-D220029202010113.842.571Century Carrier Co Ltd.
    CarrierDC2300U2-D220028202010113.842.571Century Carrier Co Ltd.
    CarrierDF-23DAU2-D220027202010113.842.571Century Carrier Co Ltd.
    PHILCOPDA240UVXU2-D220026202010413.062.351GILMAN HOME APPLIANCES
    RasonicRPD-YS27GUU2-D220025202012215.542.401Shun Hing Electric Works
    RasonicRPD-YS27AUU2-D220024202012215.542.401Shun Hing Electric Works
    RasonicRPD-YS27UU2-D220023202012215.542.401Shun Hing Electric Works
    GERMAN POOLDHM-906U2-D2200222020616.642.051GERMAN POOL (HK) LTD
    PanasonicF-YAV28HU2-D220021202012617.322.571Shun Hing Elec. Trading
    PHILCOPDH250APU2-D220020202011214.182.381GILMAN HOME APPLIANCES
    GREEGGL25AWU2-D220019202010114.112.611GILMAN HOME APPLIANCES
    fortressFDHA2522U2-D220018202011514.502.361A.S. WATSON RETAIL (HK)
    Total 225 records of listed model(s) found
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    NOTES :

    The record of listed models is kept by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (the Director) under Section 14 of the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance Cap. 598. It contains all product models which have been assigned with reference numbers by the Director that are still valid. The information contained in the product record is those submitted by the Information Provider.

    EMSD makes no representations, warranties or endorsements whatsoever about the suitability of proprietary products and related services for individual uses / applications, safety of products, fitness for purposes, merchantable quality, etc. The record of listed models should be read in conjunction with the Disclaimer at EMSD Homepage.

    The record of listed models is updated on a weekly basis. For latest information, please contact us.

    For models whose reference numbers have been removed from the record of listed models, please refer to Models with Reference Numbers Removed.

    For models which are not supplied in the market or their availability is not updated by Information Provider, please refer to Products not being Supplied.

    For contact details of suppliers with listed models, please refer to Contact Details of Suppliers with Listed Models.