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4th Phase of the scheme commenced on 1 Sep 2023, with a 15-month transitional period. Product models will be registered soon.
For a summary of the brands of listed models, please refer to Summary of the brands of listed models.

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PHILIPS9290019718A240008202489.8324.1SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290019719A240009202495.6224.2SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290019720A240010202489.8324.1SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290019721A240011202495.6224.2SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
MegamanGlobe-G120-14W-B22-3000KA2400752024137.2114.0MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanGlobe-G120-14W-B22-6500KA2400672024138.3114.0MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanGlobe-G120-14W-E27-3000KA2400652024137.2114.0MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanGlobe-G120-14W-E27-6500KA2400662024138.3114.0MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
PHILIPS9290019714A240012202490.1314.1SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290019715A240005202497.3314.2SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290019716A240006202490.1314.1SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290019717A240007202497.3314.2SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
MegamanLG240132-OPv00+B22+827+V0240A2400262024117.0113.1MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG240132-OPv00+B22+865+V0240A2400252024119.9113.0MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG240132-OPv00+E27+827+V0240A2400292024117.0113.1MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG240132-OPv00+E27+830+V0240A2400282024117.9113.1MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG240132-OPv00+E27+865+V0240A2400272024119.9113.0MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
PHILIPS9290030081A2300202023110.8112.0SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290030082A2300192023110.8112.0SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290030085A2300172023114.3112.1SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290030086A2300182023114.3112.1SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
MegamanGlobe-G95-11W-B22-3000KA2400692024138.1111.0MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanGlobe-G95-11W-E27-3000KA2400682024138.1111.0MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
OmniLLA65E27-12W-6KA2400992024123.1111.0OMNI ELECTRICAL (HK) CO., LTD
MegamanLG237110/dm-OPv00+E27+827+V0240A2400732024146.9110.5MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7110+B22+828+V0240A240014202499.8210.2MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7110+B22+865+V0240A2400132024114.0210.1MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7110+E27+828+V0240A240016202499.8210.2MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7110+E27+865+V0240A2400152024114.0210.1MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7109.6v1+B22+827+V0240A2400562024110.729.6MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7109.6v1+B22+865+V0240A2400542024111.729.6MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7109.6v1+E27+827+V0240A2400552024110.729.6MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7109.6v1+E27+830+V0240A2400532024111.429.6MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7109.6v1+E27+840+V0240A2400602024111.229.6MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7109.6v1+E27+865+V0240A2400522024111.729.6MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
PHILIPS9290024421A2400832024122.629.5SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290024422A2400812024122.929.6SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290030075A2300042023115.329.4SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290030076A2300032023115.329.4SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290030079A2300022023118.829.5SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
PHILIPS9290030080A2300012023118.829.5SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
Philips Hue9290024688A2400892024117.429.2SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
MegamanLG7108.6v1+B22+827+V0240A240018202497.728.3MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7108.6v1+B22+865+V0240A2400172024102.828.4MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7108.6v1+E27+827+V0240A240021202497.728.3MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7108.6v1+E27+840+V0240A2400202024102.328.3MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
MegamanLG7108.6v1+E27+865+V0240A2400192024102.828.4MEGAMAN (HK) ELECTRICAL & LIGHTING LIMITED
Philips Hue9290024684A2400922024124.028.8SIGNIFY HONG KONG LIMITED
Total 124 records of listed model(s) found
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The record of listed models is kept by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (the Director) under Section 14 of the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance Cap. 598. It contains all product models which have been assigned with reference numbers by the Director that are still valid. The information contained in the product record is those submitted by the Information Provider.

EMSD makes no representations, warranties or endorsements whatsoever about the suitability of proprietary products and related services for individual uses / applications, safety of products, fitness for purposes, merchantable quality, etc. The record of listed models should be read in conjunction with the Disclaimer at EMSD Homepage.

The record of listed models is updated on a weekly basis. For latest information, please contact us.

For models whose reference numbers have been removed from the record of listed models, please refer to Models with Reference Numbers Removed.

For models which are not supplied in the market or their availability is not updated by Information Provider, please refer to Products not being Supplied.