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Gas Safety Bulletin

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2022 / 2021
Gas Safety Bulletin - 33rd Issue (February 2022)

33rd Issue(February 2022)
Gas Safety Bulletin - 32nd Issue (June 2021)

32nd Issue (June 2021)
2020 31st Issue December 2020 (3.66MB) 30th Issue June 2020 (1.69MB)
2019 29th Issue December 2019 (1.49MB) 28th Issue June 2019 (1.52MB)
2018 27th Issue December 2018 (1.75MB) 26th Issue June 2018 (1.46MB)
2017 25th Issue December 2017 (3.36MB) 24th Issue June 2017 (1.50MB)
2016 23rd Issue December 2016 (1.49MB) 22nd Issue June 2016 (1.13MB)
2005 - 2015 1st - 21st Issue (Archive) November 2005 - December 2015

Learning Corner for Registered Gas Contractor and Registered Gas Installer

Gas Safety Seminar / Briefing

Content of the gas safety briefing held by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in

(Only Chinese version is available)

Safety Leaflet & Warning Label

LPG Lighters / Disposable Cylinders

For importers, local manufacturers, retailers and users

Commercial Gas Appliances

Maintenance for Commercial Gas Appliances

Good System Design and Operational Practices

Domestic Gas Appliances

Available Parking Sites for LPG Cylinder Wagons

Code of Practice for Distributor of Cylinder Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)