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4th Phase of the scheme commenced on 1 Sep 2023, with a 15-month transitional period. Product models will be registered soon.
For a summary of the brands of listed models, please refer to Summary of the brands of listed models.

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BOLINGBAOBGG-899(TG)G2400062024Town GasBuilt-in26.0 / 6.064.8 / 65.61WORLD ENGINEERING LIMITED
giggasGA-960G2300892023Town GasBuilt-in25.8 / 5.861.7 / 62.22WORLD ENGINEERING LIMITED
giggasGA-9688G2300142023Town GasBuilt-in26.0 / 6.066.4 / 65.51WORLD ENGINEERING LIMITED
giggasGA-980J(LPG)G2400052024LPGBuilt-in25.0 / 5.064.8 / 65.21WORLD ENGINEERING LIMITED
giggasGA-980J(TG)G2300912023Town GasBuilt-in26.0 / 6.065.0 / 65.21WORLD ENGINEERING LIMITED
giggasGZ-989G2300902023Town GasTabletop25.8 / 5.860.7 / 60.93WORLD ENGINEERING LIMITED
WhirlpoolAGA201/BPG2300062023LPGBuilt-in25.0 / 5.066.0 / 64.51WHIRLPOOL (HONG KONG) LIMITED
WhirlpoolAGA201/BTG2300072023Town GasBuilt-in26.0 / 6.065.1 / 65.41WHIRLPOOL (HONG KONG) LIMITED
WhirlpoolAGA301/BPG2300082023LPGBuilt-in35.0 / 5.0 / 1.665.9 / 65.3 / 65.61WHIRLPOOL (HONG KONG) LIMITED
WhirlpoolAGA301/BTG2300052023Town GasBuilt-in36.0 / 6.0 / 1.664.0 / 63.8 / 66.61WHIRLPOOL (HONG KONG) LIMITED
WhirlpoolAWK131/BTPG2300152023LPGBuilt-in15.062.92WHIRLPOOL (HONG KONG) LIMITED
WhampoB-730GG2400722024LPGBuilt-in24.6 / 4.661.5 / 60.92WHAMPO TRADING LIMITED
WhampoBI-1100G2300282023LPGBuilt-in14.660.52WHAMPO TRADING LIMITED
WhampoBI-760GG2400702024LPGBuilt-in24.6 / 4.661.0 / 60.62WHAMPO TRADING LIMITED
WhampoWI-800G2400712024LPGTabletop24.6 / 4.665.0 / 64.92WHAMPO TRADING LIMITED
WhampoWS-100G2300392023LPGTabletop14.265.62WHAMPO TRADING LIMITED
WhampoWS-200G2300402023LPGTabletop24.2 / 4.264.1 / 64.12WHAMPO TRADING LIMITED
SAKURAG2522B-TG2300252023Town GasBuilt-in25.0 / 5.067.1 / 67.31WEALTHY LINK INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED
SAKURAG2522W-TG2300272023Town GasBuilt-in25.0 / 5.067.1 / 66.91WEALTHY LINK INTERNATIONAL TRADING LIMITED
RinnaiR-22G2400522024LPGTabletop25.5 / 5.564.2 / 65.22Towngas Enterprise Limited
RinnaiR1NG2400482024LPGTabletop14.359.83Towngas Enterprise Limited
RinnaiRRDB62SG2400032024LPGBuilt-in24.6 / 4.659.4 / 59.32Towngas Enterprise Limited
RinnaiRRJH2G2400492024LPGTabletop26.0 / 6.067.0 / 66.31Towngas Enterprise Limited
RinnaiRRJH21G2400502024LPGTabletop24.3 / 4.360.8 / 61.03Towngas Enterprise Limited
RinnaiRRSH2G2400512024LPGTabletop25.0 / 5.064.5 / 64.02Towngas Enterprise Limited
RinnaiRRTB62S-G-LPG2400142024LPGBuilt-in24.6 / 4.660.6 / 60.32Towngas Enterprise Limited
RinnaiRRTB83S-G-LPG2400202024LPGBuilt-in34.6 / 2.6 / 4.663.2 / 62.9 / 63.52Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPAHZB31GG2300092023Town GasBuilt-in15.062.62Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPAHZB32GG2300102023Town GasBuilt-in22.5 / 1.361.5 / 65.02Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPAHZB53MG2300302023Town GasBuilt-in32.5 / 1.3 / 5.063.6 / 65.8 / 60.52Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPAHZB62GLG2300312023LPGBuilt-in24.5 / 4.562.5 / 62.32Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPAHZB62GNG2300112023Town GasBuilt-in25.0 / 5.061.9 / 62.22Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPAHZB62GPNG2300122023Town GasBuilt-in24.2 / 5.061.1 / 62.12Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPAHZB62MG2300132023Town GasBuilt-in25.0 / 5.061.9 / 61.92Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPARVH1SG2300942023Town GasTabletop15.565.92Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPARVH1SKG2300932023Town GasTabletop15.564.32Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPARVH2HG2300952023Town GasTabletop25.2 / 5.265.2 / 65.22Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPARVH2SG2300962023Town GasTabletop25.5 / 5.565.1 / 65.12Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPARVH2SKG2300972023Town GasTabletop25.5 / 5.565.8 / 66.02Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPASRDB62SG2400012024Town GasBuilt-in25.0 / 5.059.7 / 59.92Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPASRDB63SG2400022024Town GasBuilt-in35.0 / 5.0 / 1.759.5 / 59.1 / 60.52Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPASRJB72SG2300742023Town GasBuilt-in25.5 / 5.562.3 / 62.62Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPASRJB73SG2300752023Town GasBuilt-in35.5 / 5.5 / 2.962.4 / 63.1 / 64.82Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPASRTH2G2300292023Town GasTabletop26.0 / 6.063.9 / 63.82Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPASTH1SKG2300352023Town GasTabletop15.263.32Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPASTH1SKLG2300632023LPGTabletop14.664.62Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPASUZB62-GG2400152024Town GasBuilt-in24.8 / 4.862.0 / 62.02Towngas Enterprise Limited
SIMPASUZH2G2301002023Town GasTabletop25.2 / 5.262.7 / 62.72Towngas Enterprise Limited
Total 178 records of listed model(s) found
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The record of listed models is kept by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services (the Director) under Section 14 of the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance Cap. 598. It contains all product models which have been assigned with reference numbers by the Director that are still valid. The information contained in the product record is those submitted by the Information Provider.

EMSD makes no representations, warranties or endorsements whatsoever about the suitability of proprietary products and related services for individual uses / applications, safety of products, fitness for purposes, merchantable quality, etc. The record of listed models should be read in conjunction with the Disclaimer at EMSD Homepage.

The record of listed models is updated on a weekly basis. For latest information, please contact us.

For models whose reference numbers have been removed from the record of listed models, please refer to Models with Reference Numbers Removed.

For models which are not supplied in the market or their availability is not updated by Information Provider, please refer to Products not being Supplied.